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Good venue for a wedding, baptism, anniversary, meeting or birthday party

Up to 100 people

10 minutes from the center

Bar, stage and kitchen

Jönköping Roddsällskap's clubhouse, colloquially known as Roddarnas, is located on the eastern shore of Munksjön, a 10-minute walk from the center of Jönköping. Secluded yet central. From the balcony you have one beautiful west facing view overlooking Munksjön, Spira, the bridge and Jönköping University.


You get access to a large room for up to 100 people with bar, stage, kitchen and 3 toilets. Parking for 20 cars is available in front of Roddarnas and parking on surrounding streets is free of charge. The premises can accommodate a maximum of 100 people with regard to fire protection.

A legendary party venue in the middle of the city!

"Everything has worked great! Many praised the fine venue." /Camilla


"The best with a party venue in the middle of town!"/ Stephen


"A perfect venue for my 50th birthday celebration" /Dau


"Well-equipped venue and good price for a party venue in the middle of the city" / Christian


"Professionally managed and a very good party venue" / ( a company)

When renting, you get access to the premises:

Friday at 14.00 to Saturday at 12.00
Saturday at 14.00 until Sunday at 2 p.m

Whole weekend Friday at 14.00 to Sunday at 14.00-Sunday.

Monday to Thursday times by appointment

The rent is 6000 SEK per day + SEK 2,000deposit.

Whole weekend (Friday-Sunday) SEK 9,000 + SEK 2,000 in deposit

Major holidays (Thirteenth Eve, Easter Eve, Whitsunday, Midsummer,  New Year's Eve) SEK 7000 + SEK 2000 security deposit. 

Student, Thursday lunch until Saturday lunch, SEK 10 000 . Suitable for several families ( up to 100 persons at a time)

  1. Submit the request to rent that you find here. We usually respond within 24 hours.

  2. We arrange a time for viewing the premises

  3. If you want to rent, pay the deposit of SEK 2,000 to 123 173 3807 or Bankgiro: 5118-2384. Enter name and date of rental.

  4. Four weeks before the rental date, you pay the rent to 123 173 3807 or Bankgiro: 5118-2384 and fill in the liability insurance that you find here

  5. After the party, fill in the cleaning declaration that you will findhere

  6. When we have received the cleaning guarantee, we check the premises and if everything is ok, we pay back the deposit within a few days.

We only rent out to closed groups and people who are over 30 years old 

We reserve the right to refuse rental for security reasons or if we judge that the tenant represents an organization or a grouping that is not in line with the values of sport.

If you are thinking about catering, we can recommend the restaurant next to Roddarnas, "Restaurang Klubhus 13". Well-prepared food  at a good price from our neighbors Hanna and Bui.




We provide 100 envelopes consisting of:

Plate small, white (starter)

Plate large, white (main course)

Knife, Fork, Large Spoon, Small Spoon (Dragon)

Red wine glass (IKEA Svalka)

White wine glass (IKEA Svalka)

Tall glasses for sparkling wine (IKEA Svalka)

Water glass

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