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One of Smålands oldest sports clubs based at Munksjön.

Jönköping Rowing Society (JRS) is an association inJönköping which nowadays only has rowing as a form of sport. During its long history, several other sports have been on the program and a number of other associations have originated in the Jönköping Rowing Association before becoming independent sports associations.

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Perfect venue for a wedding, anniversary, baptism, meeting or a party

Jönköping Roddsällskaps clubhouse, colloquially known as Roddarnas, is located on the eastern shore of Lake Munksjön, a 10-minute walk from the center of Jönköping. Secluded yet central. From the balcony you have a beautiful west facing view with a view of Munksjön, Spira, the bridge and the University.

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Try rowing!

Do you want to try something new with a group of friends, a work team or a bachelorette party that is strongly associated with Jönköping?

Welcome to try rowing on Munksjön with the Jönköping Rowing Association.


Become a member of the Jönköping Rowing Society.


our history

Over the years there have been many profiles in JRS. Postmaster Olsson formed the association at the end of the 19th century after he had returned home from a trip to America. Another profile within the company was hatter Ove Lostad who, among other things, became Nordic champion in 1946. In the late 1990s, Bo Ekros profiled JRS as the winner of the Henley Royal Regatta, the Lucerne International Regatta and two-time WC- silver medalist. Bo was a prominent profile on the competition courses and is now a committed board member of the Swedish Rowing Association and one of the people who run Swedish competitive rowing today. Read the chapter on the history of Jönköping Rowing Society in the book medals-and-stomach-plask-rowers-history written by Magnus Widell

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Regatta history

Even though there have been many regional and national competitions held at Munksjön over the years, the biggest event that has been organized is without a doubt the Junior WC in Rowing. Jönköping and Sweden was host in 1984 and at that time this was the largest international sporting event organized in Sweden since 1912 Summer Olympics. In the Junior WC in rowing -84, 1,200 active participants from more than 30 countries participated.

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