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Do you want to try rowing?

Full body training, focus on core and legs

High fat burning and endurance

Strengthens heart-lung capacity

Mental and meditative training

"Low impact" training

Friendship and team building

Increases lactic acid resistance

Training for all levels

Do you want to try something new with a group of friends, a work team or a hen party that is strongly associated with Jönköping? Welcome to try rowing on Munksjön with the Jönköping Rowing Society!


We begin with a brief overview of the club, what rowing is and which safety regulations apply. You will then receive a technical briefing on a rowing machine so that you can learn the basics of rowing. Then it is time to take the boats out. We use are rigged fours. They are stable boats that have a crew of four rowers and a cox, i.e. the helmsman. As cox you will get an experienced rower. Responsible for the activity is also an experienced rower. Most of the time you are on the water. The layout on the water varies depending on how many boats we take out at the same time. After the row, we pick up the boats and take them back to our boat house.


Maximum number of participants per occasion:12 people

Time:3 hours. Day of the week and time of day as desired.

Prior knowledge:No

Cost:Contact the club. Depends on the size of the group.

Dress:After weather but tight

Other:Coffee and roll after rowing


Interested? Contact JRS


A rental can be combined with a company, stag or bachelorette party.

We only rent out to closed groups and people over the age of 30. Every rental must be approved by the Rental Manager. A rental can be combined with a company, stag or hen party. Then you get a mix of safety regulations, training on rowing machines and rowing in stable boats. Details regarding other than the rental of premises may be discussed with the rental manager.

When renting, you get access to the premises:

Friday at 14.00 to Saturday at 12.00
Saturday at 14.00 until Sunday at 2 p.m

The rent is SEK 4500 + SEK 2000 deposit.

Major holidays (Thirteenth Eve, Easter Eve, Whitsunday, Midsummer, Student, New Years Eve) SEK 6000 + SEK 2000 deposit.

If you are thinking about catering, we can recommend the restaurant next to Roddarnas, Restaurang Klubbhusgatan 13. Good and well-prepared Asian cuisine and home cooking at a very good price from our neighbors Hanna and Bui. See


You can find different cleaning options in the contract.
See the time when requesting to rent below.

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