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Bli medlem i Jönköpings Roddsällskap.

Welcome to Jönköping Rowing Club / Jönköpings Roddsällskap. Also home to Jönköping University Rowing Association. We speak both Swedish and English at the club. This is because many of our members are international and we have relationships with other clubs in Europe, Australia and the U.S. Jönköping Rowing Club is private athletic and social club located on the northeastern shore of Lake Munksjön in walking distance from Jönköping city center. It is Jönköping län’s oldest active sports club, having been founded in 1884.

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Medlemsavgifter 2024

Senior/ Gymnasierodd/ Ungdom. Kostnad per kalenderår

Medlemsavgift: 100 Kr 

Träningsavgift ( tillgång till maskiner och båtar): 1000 Kr



Träningsavgift: 400kr per termin vilket inkluderar medlemskap i JRS.

Som medlem med träningsavgift skall du fylla i denna medlemsförsäkran

Bli medlem genom att fylla i formuläret nedan och betala in medlemsavgiften via Bankgiro eller SWISH

Bankgiro: 5118-2384

SWISH: 123 173 3807

Bli medlem nu

Tack för din förfrågan! Vi hör av oss inom kort. Glöm inte att betala in medlemsavgiften.


Bli medlem i Jönköpings Roddsällskap.


Leader led group aerobic/cardio training

Private or small group rowing/or water sport

equipment training








 SUP (stand up paddleboard)











  • Try?
    SEK 200 per person. Plus an additional fee for 4 training sessions. More information on beginner training available soon.
  • Supporting member?
    200 SEK / year – these members are non-active, but receive information about club activities and are welcome to all social events. *Support member has no "Members Responsibilities" work requirement (see below) *Supporting member can, but is not expected to be responsible for “Members responsibilities” below.
  • How do you pay?
    Bank giro: 5118-2384 SWISH: 123 173 3807 (include name and membership type!)
  • JU Student?
    200 SEK / holiday plus 100 SEK per year for University Student Organization membership – university students PAID thru payment at Student House office at the University.
  • Member responsibility
    Fundraising, Regatta Management, Cleaning and Maintenance, helping with training and attending competitions are areas of opportunity for members to help run the club. All members are expected to donate approximately 10 hours of time per year towards these activities. NOTE! There are situations where an individual or a family simply do not have the time to spare. If that is the case, JRS offers an "I simply do not have the time" donation option of 1000:- or 500:- per family member.
  • Security
    All members are offered life jackets, most training sessions take place with a companion boat. Clear rules are set up in the club and on Facebook.
  • Rules for staying at the club
    Order and order · We leave nothing behind in changing rooms or other spaces and · We put chairs, tables or other equipment in order....even if we didn't put these out ourselves. Gym and rowing machines · All equipment in the gym must be put back after the training session. · No equipment may be left outdoors unattended · Rowing machines are returned to storage after use. Wipe the handle and seat when you are finished to reduce the spread of infection · Room on the 1st floor is rented out as an office. Music must not be played so loudly during the day in the gym that the tenant is disturbed. Boat shed · The doors to the boathouse must be kept closed using the magnetic locks when you leave the boathouse to go out and row · If you are the last to leave Roddarnas, check that the doors are locked on the inside. Even if you haven't been out by boat. · Nothing may be removed from the boathouse without the board's approval Sauna · A sauna uses, depending on the time, around 10 kWh. Estimated cost with future electricity prices is SEK 45-55 per sauna. The club is therefore forced to charge a standard sauna fee of SEK 50. Kitchen · The kitchen is for everyone, but it should not be seen that you have used it. You wash up by hand what you have used · We only run full dishwashers · All rubbish is placed in the metal bin with the plastic bag. The lid must always be on.
  • JRS's value base
    Jönköping's Rowing Association is one of Småland's oldest and currently active sports clubs, dating back to 19 January 1884. The club was at the start a club for several different sports and thereby contributed to developing sports in Jönköping. This was and will continue to be a guiding star for the club's activities to be, with rowing as the main sport, a partner to other activities and sports that aim to increase interest and opportunities to practice sports in Jönköping. The club sees opportunities, are fellow players and "good guys" in discussions and development. As members, we all have a responsibility to manage the club's legacy and develop the business. Some of us have taken on assignments within the club and others practice rowing, but everyone has the same responsibility to contribute to the club's management and development. Everyone should ask themselves what they can do for the club, not what the club can do for me. We are one of the few clubs that owns our own property. This has come about through wise and far-sighted management and planning since the beginning. This foresight will continue to characterize discussions and decisions in the future. None of us owns the club, but we own the mission to manage the legacy wisely. We treat sport and each other similarly to The Swedish Rowing Association's values
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